Friday, January 27, 2006

hope moment

today I spent time with a friend
in the simple enjoyment of being together
sharing moments of our journeys
and I was reminded of a story
a true event
told by Jean Vanier
and I will quote from his writing
" A few years ago I visited a large institution in Brazil
It was about ten in the morning.
I was surprised to find a room
with about forty children with disabilities
still in their beds
and not one of them was crying.
Children only cry out when they know and hope
that someone will answer;
they will not waste their energies
if they are certain that nobody will hear.
They will close up in despair; they have no hope."
and I am deep in gratitude for those around me
those who hear me
those who touch me
those who heal me by accepting me
those who allow me to hear them
those who allow me to touch them
those who allow me to accept them
and again
I am filled with hope
hug someone
touch someone
listen to someone
and see
and feel
this man Jesus
in the hug
in the touch
in the listening

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