Saturday, January 07, 2006

bread moment

last evening was spent with some very special people
it was in 1995
this gentle couple shared
a message of love
a simple message really
and yet one perhaps because of its very simplicity
so many are unable to grasp
to believe it is that simple
that true

a California pastor
his wife
and mother of their three boys

this beautiful couple
in love with each other
in love with their Father
His Son
and Holy Spirit

it has not always been easy for them
pastoring never is
marriage brings its own set of challenges
parenting too

and there is the cancer
that invaded his body
but never his spirit

while sitting under their teaching
back in 1995
my heart started to beat with a new rhythm
and my life was
still is
forever changed

after three days
they went back to California

it was a year and a bit
before I realized
I had never said thank you

so I wrote
just a short note

to my great surprise
and deep delight
they responded

we have communicated ever since

through their sons
one by one
leaving the nest

through the change in pastorates
and then again
and then again

through the cancer

through the loss of their funny tree climbing dog

and now
this couple
who taught me so much
have come
from the warmth of California
to the ice and cold of Ottawa
asking me to teach them
of the poustinia

we prayed last evening
the words suggested by Jesus

Our Father
In heaven
Holy is Your Name
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done
Here, this moment, in us, on earth
As it is in heaven
Give us this day
Our daily bread

and we stopped
in the realization
that our bread for the day
was simply being together
in the Presence of our Father


and I wonder now
while they yet sleep
what my bread will be this day

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