Monday, January 23, 2006

another Lazarus moment

here I am absolutely pooped
after being up all night in prayer
for this great land of Canada

and suddenly
Almighty God
unraveled yet another
piece of the Lazarus story

having already discovered
the two responses to Jesus' absence

and the desire to shelter
Jesus from something

and the offer of Jesus' hand
along the journey
to the place of burial

now I see
that Jesus called Lazarus
out of the cave of his death

asking those around him
those in relationship with him
to free him from his grave clothes

once unwrapped
Lazarus would be absolutely stark naked
in the midst of his community

and isn't that a sign of true community
a willingness to see
and accept
another's nakedness

and a willingness on our part
to be naked
in the midst of our community

or as a friend of mine was fond of preaching:
living without the fig leaf

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