Monday, January 30, 2006

life moments

yesterday I was asked to spend time
with a man recently told
he has only a few weeks of life remaining

his lungs suddenly filled with cancer
his heart now failing
every breath a struggle

when I asked how I could serve him best
his response was that he simply
wanted me to speak of Jesus with him

his desire was that each hard fought for breath
would be filled with the Name
and the Person
of Jesus

and so we sat together
hand in hand

and there came a moment
during those few hours
when Jesus
whom this man had known as his Savior
became his Lord

Lord of his final moments

life was birthed yesterday afternoon
a beginning
in those hours of ending

and this morning I read
of a tiny baby girl
dressed in a pink dress
being found
in a garbage bag
floating on a lake in Brazil

it was her cries that were heard
and caused her to be rescued

a passerby
hooked the bag with a stick
pulled it to the shore
untied it
and found this little child inside

someone's daughter

carefully dressed in a pink

and I am overwhelmed
by life moments

precious to one

and I am doubled over in pain
for this mother
who so carefully dressed her daughter
tied her up in a bag designed for garbage
and tossed this life
that she had birthed
into a river
does Jesus feel the nails even now?

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