Sunday, January 22, 2006

choices moment

awoke in the night
thinking of the burqa

thinking of this land Canada

thinking of the choices tomorrow

how easy would it be
for a burqa to be slipped over our head

I know the restrictions of a burqa
but what would it consist of
what would it look like
how would it feel
would it be noticeable enough we would resist its acceptance

a burqa is afterall
simply a not so subtle form of control
to keep things hidden
restrict vision and movement

could it be there is already a
denominational burqa over some

God keep our land
glorious and free

how willing are we to stand on guard

have we fallen asleep on our watch
will we wake up in time

whose kingdom is coming

from sea to sea
and from the rivers to the end of the earth

rise up Oh mighty One
mark us as Yours
have mercy
place the covering of Your Holy Presence over us

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