Monday, April 17, 2006

another Sunday moment

because of the holiday
and most having family around
we decided to forgo our community coming together
'round the table

and yet
somehow it would not seem the same
without many faces
and many voices

often we do not bring the wounded and broken
into our midst
because that necessitates confronting
our own wounds
our own brokenness

so I asked the One
who has marked my path
to tell me who I should invite
to point me towards the ones who would be alone
the ones overlooked

and I was surprised
and even a little hesitant
surely they of all people will be surrounded
by those who care for them

and yet
I had asked
and so now chose to obey

and in hearing the tenderness of the tears
that fell unbidden as I called
I knew I had asked the right ones

and so
this man
and his wife
this couple who serve so faithfully
this couple who pour into others
this couple who provide for many
this couple who live to worship

it was this couple who came to our table
it turned out
this couple have no family

they serve and live in the middle of a community
that is exploding in numbers
and yet
they live hidden
in this community

hiding their loneliness
in their service

and so in a moment
we became family

we ate
we laughed
we cried
we touched
we sang

as the sun set
we shared communion with each other

and it was an Easter Sunday dinner
that I will always treasure

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