Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wednesday moments

while in the foot clinic yesterday
I had the tender privilege
of meeting yet another one of God's lost daughters

this 14 year-old

so that on the outside
she screams
stay away
don't touch

while on the inside
love me
please please please
someone love me

she allowed me to touch her
to wash her feet
and while pouring oil and ointment
into the open wounds
I was thinking of the One
who desires to pour Himself
into the wounds of this fragile child

and while wrapping her sores
I told her quietly of He who seeks
to wrap her in His love

and she was yet not able to believe
He could love her
in the midst of the things of her life
but I told her
He is simply waiting for her to say
yes .........

and as I left her
my heart was heavy
in the thinking of her
struggling to survive on the streets

and yet ........
He knows

and it is spring
the season when seeds sown
start to sprout
and then
at home
as I was reading and listing the pledges
of those who have agreed to support me
in this 60K walk
concerning cancer
I thought of cancer
the cancer that invades the body
and the cancer that invades the soul
both usually invisible
at the beginning
when discovered
man attempts to cure
with radiation
and/or poisons
attempting to kill the cancer
but keep you alive
all while bringing you to the very edge of death
and the other cancer
also usually hidden
at the beginning
this cancer of sin
that invades the soul
man cannot cure another of this one
although it too brings you to the edge of death
and I think of Jesus
struggling up that final hill
with the weight of the cross
on His shoulder
and the weight of sin
the stench of its death
that nailed Him to the cross
and His
and I pray
for all the tender shoots
for all the scattered seeds
I pray this is the season
this will be the spring
when the dying
will accept life

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