Thursday, April 06, 2006

day thirty-six moment

"Stand at the foot of the cross
and count the purple drops
by which you have been cleansed,
see the thorn crown
mark his scourged shoulders
still gushing with encrimsoned rills .........
and if you do not lie prostrate on the ground
before that cross
you have never seen it."
Charles Spurgeon

Jesus' blood
a sign over me
a gift of his lavish grace
so that I may escape terrible judgment
and have new life

"............redeemed .............with precious blood
as of a lamb unblemished and spotless
the blood of Christ"
1 Peter 1:19

almost sundown
Jesus seems shrouded in death
but is he?

Caiaphas requests of Pilate
permission to break the bones

and the one on the right dies

and the one on the left dies

and the One in the middle
has his heart pierced

gush out

causing some to say
this man Jesus died of a broken heart
and others remember
how he had claimed to be living water
if they would believe

and on a hill
outside Jerusalem
only a few witness
the enigma of blood and water
flowing like a fountain
from the side of a carpenter
from Nazareth

I mourn my part in his death
this One whose heart I pierced with my sin
and plunge deep into his open side
that flows with water and blood
to feel his heart break
with the indifference
the rebellion
the control
the disregard
in us all

wash me Lord

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