Friday, April 28, 2006

beginning moment

it was nine years ago this day
at this very moment
that my mom finally found her rest

and life

birthed into a second marriage
rare in those days
shunned by relatives
at fifteen her dad dying
at sixteen her mom dying

taken in as a "charity case"
my mom served her aunt and cousins
doing the menial things required

eventually marrying
and birthing her own children
alone through the years of War
and remaining alone after the War
as my dad returned
but with a changed heart

alcohol entered in
to deaden and hopefully numb
the pain of being alone

alcohol gained control
but never did succeed in filling the emptiness

it was only as the end neared
and my mom knew it was near
that she reached for Jesus

and it was only Jesus
who was able to fill that hole

she allowed me in those final weeks
to touch her
and I held her in my arms
as she died

singing to her
the words of a child's song

Jesus loves me this I know

she rested
and entered into Peace

to live
for the first time
in freedom

and I am so thankful
for the arms that hold her now

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