Friday, April 07, 2006

day thirty-seven moment

"Joseph took the body
and wrapped it
in a clean linen cloth"
Matt 27:59

Pilate sips his wine
in Fortress Antonia

Joseph of Arimathea
to ask for the body
of this man Jesus
wishing to prepare it for burial

what compelled Joseph to do such a thing
what made him take such a risk
why didn't he speak up at the trial
does he believe Jesus is the Messiah
or is he simply doing his duty
burying the dead before sundown

and the body

covered in flies
crows circling and cawing above

the nail
in his feet
forced out

the crossbeam
lifted off the stipe
and placed on the ground

the nails
from the wrists
forced out

Joseph kneels down
and rolls the body
of this man Jesus
onto his newly purchased white cloth

not allowed to approach Joseph
the women watch
and wait

this day of death is coming to an end
the bruised and battered body
once a beautiful baby
the son of God
full of life
now lifeless
wrapped tightly in white linen

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