Monday, April 10, 2006

day forty moment

the disciples had seen the strong hands of God
twist the crown of thorns
into a crown of glory
and in hands as strong as that
they knew they were safe

"I have seen the Lord"
John 20:18

as the Sabbath ends
the women begin their preparations
at dawn
they hurry to the tomb

soldiers stand on guard

suddenly the ground begins to shake
as an angel moves away the stone

the soldiers rush inside
only to find the tomb empty

the women arrive
find the soldiers gone
and the tomb opened

two angels speak
"He is not here"
and the women race back to call the disciples

the first to arrive
but does not enter

Peter pushes inside
only to find empty linen cloths
faith begins to arise
as he remembers the words of Jesus

Mary can only weep
until she hears her name

only one person ever spoke her name that way

and she tells the others

"I have seen the Lord"

today I wait at the foot of the cross
listening for Him to say my name
so I may kiss his nail scarred feet
touch his wounded side
and hold his battered hands

when I too may say

I have seen the Lord

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