Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monday night moment

last evening was our home fellowship night
and we decided to do something
just a little different

there was coffee
(well, after all it is my house -
there must be coffee!)

but no desserts

the house was quiet
lights dimmed
candles lit

bread and wine were set out on the table

everyone was encouraged to ponder
not only the cross
but all the events that led up to the cross

hearts were expressed
sometimes a single word
sometimes a soft song
sometimes tears
sometimes deep silence

when ready
each one drew closer to the table
and shared the meal with Jesus

after everyone had taken
of the bread and the wine

we washed one another's feet
with words of blessing

and anointed Jesus anew
with the aroma of words of love
and gratitude
and submission
and obedience
and awe

and after several hours
everyone went back to their own homes
having decided to come back together
on Friday
and again on Saturday
when some of us will watch through the night
awaiting together the dawn of Easter Sunday

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