Sunday, June 25, 2006

garden moments

OK -
so to anyone who might stumble across this
and read it
I ask your forgiveness in advance
because I am simply going to brag about my kids

both kids, their spouses
and our two amazingly beautiful grandsons
have been with us for a few days

everyone has just now pulled out of the driveway
and if I do not write this all out
I will just sit and cry .......

the kids arranged
for an afternoon
when we would be surrounded by
family and friends
in our garden

and in the midst of the eating, talking and laughing
our son
and our daughter
stood side by side
spoke what was in their heart
and shared some memories

and for us to hear these words
see the tears
feel the laughter
and warm love of our friends
was very precious

and all this has so underscored
the absolute fact
that it is not anything material

it is the touches
through the years
that tie one to another

I so quickly got used
to the sound of tiny feet
running up and down the stairs

tender voices calling
where are you gramma

the table ringed with faces
and groaning slightly under the abundance of food

the house right now seems weirdly silent

there is a ton of laundry
and dishes
and cleaning

and yes, the never ending packing

all to be done

but right now
I just want to share
how blessed I am

how loved I feel

how content
with the knowledge
that no matter what lies around the next corner

I am encircled
by amazing children
rich and tender friends

and all of us together
hemmed in by the love of our Lord

the moments
of the last few days
will carry me

1 comment:

mary said...

No need to apologize on my account.
How beautiful, Andrea.
I am actually weepy after reading that post.
A foster baby sits at my feet pulling apart everything at his feet; I see the dirty laundry pile and the sink of unwashed dishes... but even today; it is those touches thru the years and indeed; even thru this day; that tie us together in this family, too.
Thank-you for the reminder from where you are and I hope to be someday.