Tuesday, June 27, 2006

word moments

late last evening
I received a note from one
whose words have enriched my life
asking if she might share my words
with others

thus through the night
I continued to ponder

their meaning
their impact
their sound

like hands

words can bless
and can kill

can birth life
or bring death

as a speaker needs a listener
a writer needs a reader

words need to be heard

words are important
without them our actions lose meaning
and without meaning we cannot live

words are also dangerous
when our words come too soon
and we are not yet living what we are saying
we give double messages
making us hypocrites

there are some who define themselves by a single word
becoming one dimensional
without the fullness of all the other words
that make up who they are

words can carry love on their wings
a word of love
can be the greatest act of love

my life is shaped
made whole
by words

sometimes it is necessary
to be absolutely silent
to hear the sound of a most beautiful word

the Word became flesh

if the baby in your womb

does not leap

when you are with the people

who surround you

you are surrounded by the wrong people

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