Monday, June 19, 2006

hands moment

I have been thinking a lot about hands over the past few days

hands are interesting
hands are unique
hands are important
hands are useful

no two hands are alike
but some are more different than others

hands can bless
hands can hurt

hands can hold
hands can crush

hands can caress
hands can kill

hands can hold your heart
hands can toss it away

hands can unite
hands can imprison

it was in 1995
when I first felt Jesus' hands
pulling me into Himself

He has spoken to me
a few times about the hands of others
but it is His hands alone
that hold me
I see Your hands
not white and manicured
but scarred and scratched
reach out
not always to remove the weight I carry
but to shift its balance
ease it
make it bearable
if this is where You want me
I'm content
no, not quite true
I wish it were
all I can say in honesty is this
if this is where I am meant to be
I'll stay and try
just let me feel Your hands
give me strength
and that flicker of light
the warmth
that says You're here


mary said...

Jesus' beautiful hands...
I've come to learn alot about a person simply by noticing their hands. :) My most recent blog ties in with yours on a different level.
Click on my name to read it if you like!

Gary Wood said...

Very moving. Thanks.