Tuesday, June 06, 2006

weekend moments

many many wonder-filled moments
have filled the past five days

Thursday's breakfast on the Hill
a 28 year-old Ethiopian young man on my right
the vice consul for the Balkans on my left
a Spirit filled MP across the table
along with one of the local pastors
a Supreme Court judge
a Senator
a lovely couple from Iqaluit
and one of Canada's Native leaders

we had all gathered in the very early morning
on a rainy, rather dreary day
but the fellowship was filled with the Son

the speaker of the morning
issued a very strong challenge
to bring Christ back into our schools
back into the workplace
back into our courts
back into our legislation
back into our government

very sobering to watch the faces
of the parliamentarians
as they heard this challenge

then off to pick up friends
and take them to the lake

although somewhat grey skied
the trip was beautiful
the last descent down the mountain
seeing the mist hovering over Wolfe Lake
spotting the heron as we scooted around the edge of the lake
torrents of water pouring over the rock face

finding some of the roads washed out

walking through the woods
in the silence that comes after a heavy rain

noting the soggy flower heads
slowly turning upwards
towards the sun

the arrival of my son and his wife
coming to celebrate his birthday

looking on in fresh amazement
at this gentle giant of a man
and yet still seeing the boy within

steaks on the BBQ
as we watched the sun set

meeting friends who had come to pray
in the woods

coffee with our Austrian neighbor
and hearing of his winter mountain adventures

being surprised by the geese
as they slid across the water

the call of the loons
echoing all through the night

the lake perfectly stilled
hard to tell where the sky began
and the earth stopped

lost in studying the smile of the dragonfly
with their blues
and gossamer wings

being dive bombed by hummingbirds
when inadvertently crossing their flight path

wrapped in leaving emotions
as one by one our guests left
listening to the crunching
and swishing of each car
as it disappeared down the road

hearing the Silence
feeling the Presence
touched by the Wind

sitting on the rocks

and singing prayers over the water

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