Friday, June 30, 2006

Thursday night moments

I was deeply blessed last evening
by a tender couple
who visited
to ask of my prayers
as they shared their story

the hours slipped by
one day ended
and another began

the words continued to tumble out
wrapped in pain
and confusion

there are some with whom our paths intersect
but with others
our paths are intertwined

and this is a tender thing
that must be respected
and honored
and cared for

and I heard again the Voice
of the One Who asks
that I tend the garden
of His chosen ones

a garden can only be tended
while on your knees

and I knelt before this servant of our God
to wash his feet

these feet that have traveled a hard road
and now carry the dust of the journey

these feet that have been cut and bruised
by the things of the journey

these feet that have become infected
by the poisons encountered in the journey

these feet that only desire to walk in an obedience
that would bring glory and honor to the One
who has asked of him
to walk

with each dropped tear
salt was added to the water in the basin

there is a history
there is the present
there is the future

with a wondering
if the child
is always
to the man

when going through inner pain
we must be careful to remain in trust
both Peter and Judas are in us

at dawn
our prayers became Presence
and we were held in the arms of God
resting in the heart of God
the heart of God resting in us


mary said...

I've been judas and I've been peter and recently have had my soul devastated by them in the words and actions of another.

Is there such a sacred place where trust and committment to the journey are intertwined and not just intersected?

You are the basin and towel to your friends, Andrea. No wonder you can be called a friend of God for Him to trust you with such as these.

May He continue to out-give you as He overwhelms you with His love and grace.

Andrea said...

thank you Mary for your tender words - they have been lost in outer space until tonight when I found and read them
I am continually moved by your reading and commenting on the things I write about. It would be a blessing to meet you sometime.

I am deeply saddened to hear of your pain.

Jesus knows ............