Wednesday, June 28, 2006

night moments

there are some who take the night watch
lean on Jesus' breast
and hear God's heart beat

while everything sleeps
drowned in silence and darkness
I live at the feet of God
enfolding my soul into his love
telling Him that I love Him
everything sleeps
no one knows of my happiness
nor shares it
I rejoice through the solitude of the night
in Your Presence
O my God

as He is
He was
He shall be
as He is
and was
the Eternal forever
so be it
the forever Eternal
so be it

having a question answered
seems a rather paltry thing
in comparison to having seen Him

the deeper my agony
the deeper I bury myself in the heart of my Beloved
and cling to His side
with ceaseless prayer
the cry of my heart to God
the expression of the deepest things in my heart

allowing God to take me by the hand
and lead me
not where I would wish to go
but where it is best for me to be

give me the grace to kiss Your footprints
with the tears You would have me shed
from my soul
from my heart

open wide the gates of my soul
let me lose
to sink into the contemplation
and love of You

it is not my lips
nor my mind
but my will that speaks
my will
spread out before my Father
presented before Him
laden with love
my soul holds itself tenderly
and lovingly before God

1 comment:

mary said...

A million tears and a heart full of gratitude that you share these words with the likes of me.
One who says to Jesus "Then wash ALL of me, Lord, not just my feet"