Wednesday, June 07, 2006

inside moment

last evening
some moments were spent in spontaneous worship
with friends who dropped in

there was one line
that stunned me
as it slipped out of a heart

"deep down inside
where the lonely creatures hide
I am afraid"

I have been arrested
by those words

and ponder their truth

for each of us

if we are truly honest
in the presence of our God
and one another


mary said...

Yes...The fear of allowing the Light to penetrate the caverens of our hearts is based on the lie that His light wounds but does not heal.
But His Light IS Healing! Exposing, burning; but purifying and bringing wholeness!
If only we were so with one another.

Sheila said...

That is quite a line. What song is it from? I think I have let the light shine into the inner recesses, but who knows for sure? Only Jesus.