Monday, June 26, 2006

together moments

today I spent some moments
with a friend
who is traveling through a season of grief
and mourning

loneliness accompanies him these days

we all manage to find words to express our sympathy
but sadly there is often a hesitation to visit
to touch
to listen

and I wonder if it is because
there is a fear of tapping into the unknowns of our own depths
if we come too close
and touch someone else's pain

is there a wondering
how we
will travel this road
when it is our turn

and so we avoid
turn away
from walking alongside someone else
presently in the journey

sometimes words alone are not enough

and when together
sometimes words are not needed
just simply the touch of a presence

our bodies are part of a body of people

in the midst of grief
we need to come together
to celebrate
the life
in one another's house

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