Sunday, March 19, 2006

day nineteen moment

Jesus walked in penetrating awareness of his death
using his final meal as an object lesson
on the significance of what he was about to do

heaven: a continual exaltation of Christ crucified

the wondrous mystery that
before Jesus burst from the grave
to prove his power
he laid down his life
and poured out his love.


"at the head of the procession of life is a thorn crowned man
his pains healing our pains
his wounds answering our wounds
his love taking our sin"
Earl Stanley Jones

contemplating the cross

they led him out to crucify him
Mark 15:20

there is a hush as Pilate enters
and sees

the prisoner

staring blankly at the ground
rivulets of blood coursing down his face
bruises covering his body
the borrowed cloak ripped from his back
a wooden plank placed across his shoulders

already near death
fights to stay alive
his hands lashed to the wood
each step causing the wood to rub
into the open wounds on his back

rough wood
raw flesh

accompanied by the priests

the journey that began in the heart of his father
before creation
has only 650 yards to go
yet for the One whose body screams in pain with every step
it spans an eternity of torment
whose end cannot even be fathomed

surrounded by the sounds of ordinary life
barely able to move
bent under the weight of the wood
led to the slaughter

every day you bleed
wounds festering
body falling
while I pay bills and clean house
you take one lonely step after another
while I make phone calls and go shopping
crash through my callous oblivion
pierce my busyness with pangs
of brokenhearted love

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