Friday, March 31, 2006

day twenty-seven moment

"when the true meaning of the crucifixion dawns upon us
then the whole sordid bloody painful death
shall make us tremble before its glory"
Ben M Herbster

"Jesus hath now many lovers of his heavenly kingdom
but few bearers of his cross ........
many follow Jesus unto the breaking of bread
but few to the drinking of the cup of his passion"
Thomas a Kempis

drunken soldiers
pious priests
sordid onlookers
the One is quiet

the sky starts to swallow the midday sun

one of the three feels hope slipping away
and terror closing in
the other speaks the Name
and the One speaks the reassuring words
"today you shall be with me ......."
opening the door to the garden of God's presence
to let one sinner in

the sky grows gray
the crowds begin to leave
the soldiers settle into their drunkenness
the priests remain proud, haughty
filled with righteous contempt for the One
hanging near death

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