Saturday, March 25, 2006

day twenty-five moment

"Age by age the Lord Christ is crucified
and we too have crowded eagerly to Calvary
and nailed him to the cross
and laughed up into his face
and watched him die
and gone our way well pleased
and much relieved
that we have hustled him out of the way"
A.J. Gossip

"those passing by were hurling abuse at him
wagging their heads
and saying
if you are the son of God
come down from the cross
Matt 27:39-40

rejected by men
precious in the sight of God

mid day
the sun beating down
the Son sweating profusely
shaking with chills
trying to rise up to get air
only to fall down heavily

dislocating a shoulder

tortuous pain

mocking laughter from those gathered 'round
their words like arrows piercing his heart

does he hear them
does he long for a touch of kindness
from someone

the One is silent
fighting for every breath

and how often do I too
in my selfishness
stand with the mockers
and completely miss
the eternal significance of his impending death

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