Wednesday, March 22, 2006

day twenty-two moment

lifted up to die

when they came to the place called The Skull
there they crucified him
Luke 23:33

4 soldiers approach
the One
stripping away all his clothing
pulling blood and flesh with it

led to the cross beam
Jesus voluntarily lies down
placing his arms across the rough wood
pressing the thorns deeper into his head

open wounds filled with the dust of the journey
the Son of God lays down his life


nail pierces through flesh into wood
Jesus moans


the 2nd nail
the other wrist

now the wood is lifted up
leaving this man Jesus suspended in mid air
and he is carried thus to the empty stipe

snapped into place
left foot grabbed
placed over the right foot


the third nail pierces flesh

searing spasms
tortuous pain

this death is not easy
and will not come quickly
the price is not yet paid for the sins
of a dying world.

hanging in the wind and sun
wounds too many to count
and I am irresistibly drawn to his side
I cannot turn away
not now
not ever

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